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All kinds of polyester dyeing class (Chiffon, Satin, Strong Twist, Composite Silk)
T/R dyed and yarn dyed
Cotton, woven blended dyed and yarn dyed
Tencel, copper ammonia, the dyeing cotton category
Cotton, cotton interwoven and blended printing, chemical fiber printing and cotton printing
All kinds of punch embroidery, small machine embroidery, bead embroidery, rope embroidery, water soluble embroidery embroidery and all kinds of lace or complex with lace
Various conventional (single jersey, Rome fabric, stair cloth, etc.) or routine (small jacquard, jacquard, etc.) in addition to the knitting woollen cloth of knitted fabrics
Fancy spinning yarn dyed fabrics and woollen cloth fabric (including woven)
All kinds of linen, ramie, cotton, hemp viscose linen blended or mixed: dyeing, yarn-dyed and printed
Woven jacquard fabrics

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To win the trust and love of customers with high-quality service.

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Strive to build a leading brand of women's clothing fabrics。

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Earn the details with your heart and win the trust with sincerity.

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On the premise of ensuring the quality, bring service to you at top speed.

Modern management

The improvement of technology and innovation promote the improvement of efficiency.


Training employees is the best shortcut to enterprise success.


Company in 2001 into the textile circle,From the start-up phase of the struggle to now the preliminary stability,From a few employees to more than 40 employees, office from 20 square meters to 2000 flat office building,Company in the development ,But the love of new fabrics and the textile industry, as always,By the good faith, passion, dedication, teamwork, embrace change, customers and suppliers first, employees second values, commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products and ideas, responsible for the supplier,Efforts to create a platform can let employees free play to, our goal is the company's steady development in 90 years, becoming China's top ten brands.

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